Beginner DIY Natural Stone Jewelry Kit

Almond-Scented Hand & Body Lotion

This is a luxury lotion from Desert Essence Organics in a sweet almond scent. This popular and well-reviewed tube of lotion is also available in lavender scent or unscented.

12 Days of Golden Girls Socks Fun Christmas Calendar

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (counting down the days from Christmas day to the Epiphany on January 5th) with this fun socks-a-day gift that's perfect for fans of The Golden Girls. You'll get a new pair of Golden Girls socks to add to your collection with...

HOT: Love You Mom Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books for grown-ups are a hot trend right now. Intricately designed coloring books for adult users are consistently in the Amazon top ten list. This book was created just for moms and makes a perfect gift for seasoned colorists or those new to the hobby.

Candle-Making Kit Crafty Hobby Gift Idea

This is a fun beginner's kit for making candles at home! With this hobby kit, you'll have everything you need to get started making simple candles, including two candle tins and gift boxes so your first creations can become personalized presents. The set also comes with 20...