Colorful Bohemian Art Paint-by-Number Canvas Sets

This is a neat gift idea for crafty moms or someone who wants to get into painting, with a little bit of help. These paint-by-numbers paintings are perfect for beginners because the art style isn't overly detailed and the colorful finished piece isn't meant to look completely realistic, with wild animals covered in colorful embellishments. Painting by numbers is also a very relaxing activity and is an ideal gift idea during these troubling times.

Pick your favorite animal to gift or choose multiple for a fun family activity idea.

Each paint-by-numbers kit includes a quality, pre-numbered canvas, as well as the brushes and oil paints needed to complete the full work of art. 

Colorful Thoughtful Cow Paint-by-Numbers Art

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The finished colorful cow painting measures 50cm by 40cm and can be framed for display.

Rainbow Owl Paint-by-Numbers Art Canvas

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This darling painting features an owl in colorful patterns and shapes. The finished work measures 16" by 20".

Whimsical Deer Paint-by-Numbers Artwork

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This whimsical art piece features a deer with antlers. Unexpected colors and patterns make up the artwork, which measures 16" by 20".

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