Cute Tea Infusers For Moms Who Love Tea

A cute novelty tea infuser is a fun gift idea for someone who loves to drink tea. Tea infusers are used to seep loose tea in water, so they're great for tea aficionados and someone who likes to prepare their own tea recipes and concoctions. Check out these cute novelty tea infusers made into different shapes and colors.

1 Silicone Flower 4-Pack Tea Infuser Set

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This set of tea infusers uses a stainless steel fine mesh cage for the loose tea. The infuser is attached to a simple silicone flower -- the set of four comes in different colors so you can share these while using the same mugs and not get your drinks mixed up. The infuser can stand up in a tea mug or be hung off the side of a very large tea vessel.

2 Adorable Rubber Duckie Floating Tea Infuser

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This totally cute tea infuser looks like you've got a rubber ducky swimming in your beverage! The mesh stainless steel infuser has a floating yellow duck on the top. The infuser can swim in your drink as you consume it. It comes with a cute water-look stand for storage or when you're ready to remove the infuser from your drink mug.

3 Awesome Rainbow Unicorn Tea Infuser Set

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What could be more majestic than a miniature rainbow unicorn who looks like its pooping magic into your mug? This is a funny set of two novelty tea infusers. The rainbow unicorn stands up in your mug, using its front legs and hooves to balance itself or to hold itself up in a very large beverage container. This set of tea infusers is made for gift-giving; it comes with a gift bag and a tea spoon.

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