Feature-Packed Puzzle Board with Cover

Waters of Venice 1500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If what your mom would love is to spend more time with you, a large puzzle gift like this one is a perfect idea. Pick up this Waters of Venice puzzle and put it together with mom during your next visit!

Extremely Challenging Puzzle for Puzzle-Loving Moms!

Does your mom love puzzles? This is an extremely challenging puzzle from top brand Ravensburger. Krypt is a blank puzzle that has no image. Each of the 654 pieces has a light metallic sheen.

Hobby Mashup 3D Coloring Puzzles 10-Pack

Two hobbies that gained popularity in 2020 were adult coloring books and puzzling. Both activities engage the mind, reduce stress, and pass the time. These new puzzle sets combine the two hobbies in a fun and creative way. While this set of coloring puzzles is marketed to kids,...

Funny, Challenging, Frustrating Pure White Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you know someone who loves to put together jigsaw puzzles? Give this amazing puzzle as a gift and they might reconsider that love, unless they are up for the tremendous challenge of putting together an all-white, no-image jigsaw puzzle!  This is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that...