Golden Girls Socks | Gift Idea for Mom

Bring the funny ladies from the beloved classic sitcom The Golden Girls home with these awesome officially licensed socks that feature the characters from The Golden Girls. Each pair features a cartoon-style likeness of the character in an iconic outfit. Get them all for your superfan mom so she can mix and match the girls or pick her favorite character.

Dorothy Zbornak Socks | Golden Girls Socks

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Dorothy is easily recognizable with her silver hair and stern look on her face (Rose probably just told a St. Olaf story). She wears a blue shirt with layered neckline.

Blanche Devereaux Socks | Golden Girls Socks

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Blanche has her signature smile, big costume jewelry earrings, and a pretty yellow and red suit.

Rose Nylund Socks | Golden Girl Socks

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Rose wears a rose-colored robe! The white-haired friend played by Betty White has a big smile on her face.

Sophia Petrillo Socks | Golden Girls Socks

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Picture it: Socks featuring Sophia from the Golden Girls. Sophia can be recognized by her oversized frame glasses and blue outfit.

Adorable Animal Socks for Mom

This is a fun set of 6 pairs of socks for any mom that loves animals! You'll get 6 different pairs featuring different animals against solid backgrounds. These adorable socks are a perfect gift idea for animal lovers!

12 Days of Golden Girls Socks Fun Christmas Calendar

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (counting down the days from Christmas day to the Epiphany on January 5th) with this fun socks-a-day gift that's perfect for fans of The Golden Girls. You'll get a new pair of Golden Girls socks to add to your collection with...