It's Advent Calendar Day! Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for Mom

Today is Advent Calendar Day!

This fun commemorative "holiday" was introduced by the supermarket chain Aldi in 2020. They offer a variety of popular calendars each year and came up with the holiday to mark their release date. That makes today a great day to think about what advent calendar you might want to use in a few weeks, and if you'd like to give any advent calendars as gifts to your loved ones, family, and friends. And don't forget mom!

Popular advent calendars sold by Aldi include their wine, beer, cheese, and European chocolate calendars.

The variety in types of advent calendars is astounding. You can find more than the traditional chocolate and other edible treats featured behind advent calendar doors. For kids, there are calendars for all kinds of interests, from dinosaurs to makeup and superheroes to magic, crafting, and much more.

Different types of advent calendars are aimed at adult audiences, as well. Here are some great choices if you 're looking to give an advent calendar to your mom! An advent calendar can count down to Christmas, but it can be used to count down to other events as well -- like maybe your visit home to mom this holiday season.

Godiva Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendar for 2021

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Treat mom to delicious European chocolate with this Godiva advent calendar. This calendar includes wrapped chocolate treats and several holiday-shaped chocolates for a festive treat each day in December leading up to Christmas.

Crafty Advent Calendar: DIY Felt Tree Ornaments

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This is a fun activity advent calendar that includes little craft kits to make a new adorable felt ornament each day. The simple crafts are relaxing and it's satisfying to create something each day leading up to Christmas. The ornaments can go right on the tree when completed, or they can be saved to give others as gifts. The easy craft ornament kits include pre-cut pieces of felt, embellishments like pompoms, strings, and beads, plus the tools and instructions needed to make each ornament.

Bonee Maman 2021 Advent Calendar: Always Popular!

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This is a popular advent calendar that often sells out. With this advent calendar, you'll get to try a different Bonne Maman brand gourmet fruit spread or honey each day. What a great way to begin December days -- with a delicious sweet spread on your breakfast toast! This is a limited edition advent calendar full of sweet edibles. Order early! This one has been known to sell out.

Holiday Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

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This is a fun idea for an advent calendar: it's a charm bracelet with 23 charms! On day one, the window you open will reveal your charm bracelet, ready to be embellished. Each day that follows reveals a new holiday themed charm. At the end, you'll have a full and festive Christmas themed charm bracelet! The bracelet can be worn year after year, making this a fun advent calendar that will bring lasting memories.

Big Variety! Herbal Teas Advent Calendar

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This advent calendar is like a great big variety pack of tea. It's perfect for tea lovers -- you'll get 24 different flavors of tea to try each day leading up to Christmas. Try out different teas without having to purchase an entire box just to try out a new flavor. The teas are all 100% organic using ethically sourced ingredients.

Burt's Bees Lotions Kit: Tips & Toes

This gift idea for mom is a luxury lotion, cream, salve, and balm kit from Burt's Bees. These are trial size containers of the popular products, so mom can try out lots of new pampering items within one gift set.

Set of 10 Nightlight Outlet Covers

Get this set of functional and safe outlet covers for mom -- they're like perpetual nightlights right where they are needed most. The subtle lights point downwards. They can be placed on outlets close to the floor to provide safe lighting in dark conditions. They are also...

Wireless Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Mom will love this unique desk lamp made to care for her eyes. The LED light is designed to be flicker-free and easy to use for reading or working.

Waters of Venice 1500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If what your mom would love is to spend more time with you, a large puzzle gift like this one is a perfect idea. Pick up this Waters of Venice puzzle and put it together with mom during your next visit!