LIST: Mother - Daughter Necklace Sets

Mom will love wearing her part of a mom-daughter necklace set! These are fun joint-gift ideas to give to mothers and their daughters, or for a loving daughter to give to mom. These matching necklace sets make a great gift for Mother's Day and Mom's birthday especially -- but she'll love wearing it all year long.

1 I Love You To The Moon & Back Set

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This is a darling set of necklaces for mom and daughter to wear. Two halves of a heart fit together, with the word Mother or Daughter on each half. The hearts are framed by moon slivers with the slogan I Love You To The Moon and Back.

2 Mother Daughter Inset Heart Charm Necklace

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This cute set gives each wearer a heart pendant. Mom wears a heart outline with a smaller heart cut out. Daughter wears the smaller heart. How sweet!

3 Heart Shaped Fitted Pendants for Mom & Daughter

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This is a cute set of charms that make a heart when put together. There is a nice flourish underneath each label (mother / daughter).

4 Sweet Set of Mother/Daughter Sentiment Charms

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This is a set of two round charms made of stainless steel. The mother charm reads "As long as I'm living my baby you'll be" and the daughter's charm reads "As long as I'm living my mommy you'll be."

5 Sweet Inset Birds Mom/Daughter Charms

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This is a sweet set of charms in the shape of a bird. The mother wears a larger charm with a smaller bird cut out; the daughter wears the smaller solid bird charm.

6 Luvalti Mother & Daughter Pendant Necklace - No Matter Where Necklace Set - Best, Engraved Jewelry Heart

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This is a perfect set of mother / daughter charms for family that lives far apart. Two halves of a heart, one for mom and one for daughter, come together to make a complete heart. Each is accompanied by a compass and the sentiment "no matter where".

7 Bling Heart Mother Daughter Charms Set

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This is a shiny set of charms with sparkling pink crystals filling in each half of a heart. The heart pieces are labelled "mother" and "daughter".

8 Beautiful Mother-Daughter / Friend Charms

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This is a set of matching charm necklaces for mother and daughter. Each charm is a circle surrounded by a sliver of moon; the circles read "Always My Daughter" and "Always My Mother" and each moon reads "Forever My Friend."

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