Mother's Day in Quarantine Gift Idea: Themed Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books for adults remain a hot trend. They are even finding a resurgence in the current global pandemic where people are looking for ways to stay enganged, entertained, and creative while staying at home in quarantine. 

Adult coloring books typically include intricately designed black and white line illustrations for detailed coloring. These books are new to the market, taking on the theme of our new lives in quarantine. These coloring books make thoughtful gifts that will be interesting souvenirs for the future.

Coronavirus Coloring Book

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This book is filled with intricate illustrations and information about the virus so that each page ends up being like a little poster with pandemic data. Note that this book was published on March 9, 2020, so some of the information is out-dated.

Oh, the Places You Won't Go

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This coloring book takes on the reality that many travel plans have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. The book is subtitled "Adult Coloring Book for Armchair Travelers" and includes black and white line images taken from travel photos from around the world.

Where's the F*cking Toilet Paper? Adult Coloring Book

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This funny coloring book invites you to "Color Away Pandemic Chaos". The individual illustrations have humorous sayings relevant to the pandemic and include intricate floral elements. Note that many, if not most, of the quaratinet-themed coloring books found on Amazon are borderline linguistically vulgar like this one, so if you got searching for different titles, dont' be surprised at all of the covers with F-bombs.

Pandemic Heroes Coloring Book For Adults and Kids

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This coloring book highlights the heroes of the pandemic with its cute illustrations of essential workers and animals. The book, full of positive messages, is for kids and the young at heart. 

Hobby Mashup 3D Coloring Puzzles 10-Pack

Two hobbies that gained popularity in 2020 were adult coloring books and puzzling. Both activities engage the mind, reduce stress, and pass the time. These new puzzle sets combine the two hobbies in a fun and creative way. While this set of coloring puzzles is marketed to kids,...

Subscription Boxes for Mom

Did you know that you can purchase and manage subscription boxes from Amazon? Subscription boxes often include samples and new products and are typically delivered once a month or once every two months. These themed boxes make great gifts as they are a blind surprise each time and...

Beautiful Thomas Kincade Disney Art Coloring Book

Coloring intricate designs and images produced especially for adults is a calming and relaxing activity. Moms who are fans of Disney and the art of Thomas Kincade will love coloring in the pages of this beautiful adult coloring book.

HOT: Love You Mom Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books for grown-ups are a hot trend right now. Intricately designed coloring books for adult users are consistently in the Amazon top ten list. This book was created just for moms and makes a perfect gift for seasoned colorists or those new to the hobby.