Pink Camo Swiss Style Pocket Knife

Portable Handheld Personal Cooling Mister

Help mom keep cool with this awesome little handheld misting fan. This is a lightweight rechargeable fan that works to both cool and as a beauty humidifier.

Small & Handy Personal Safety Alarm

This is a small panic alarm that runs on AAA batteries. The loud alarm is activated with a safe rip-cord style arming system to prevent accidental use but easy to use when needed.

Super Cute Honey Bee Solar Light String

Add some whimsy to your garden with this adorable set of LED lamps that are designed to look like little honey bees! The light string includes 30 bee lights and is powered by a solar panel. The lights are arranged on a 15' string of flexible plastic coated...

Feature-Packed Dimmable Office Lamp

This functional lamp is a great gift idea because it's packed with special features that make it extra handy. The LED light is dimmable so it's perfect for providing illumination for detailed work or ambient light for general use.  This LED desk lamp is not only dimmable with...