Pure Lavender Essential Oil: Many Uses

Pamper Mom with a Cozy Toes Footwarmer

This is a great gift for moms who have cold feet! Pair this electric foot warmer with a set of fuzzy slippers and a luxury home pedicure set and your mom's feet will be happy!

Handy Complete Backpack Picnic Set

Eating out in nature couldn't be easier when you have this complete picnic set that comes in a handy backpack container. The set comes with table settings for four, so it's great for a family; remove half of the set and you'll have even more room to pack treats when you go out on a romantic picnic for two!

Relaxing Lavendar & Flaxseed Silk Eye Pillow

This luxury silk pad is filled with fragrant and therepeutic lavendar and flaxseed. The pillow is meant to rest on the eyes during sleep for relaxation and light blocking but there are other uses as well.

Candle-Making Kit Crafty Hobby Gift Idea

This is a fun beginner's kit for making candles at home! With this hobby kit, you'll have everything you need to get started making simple candles, including two candle tins and gift boxes so your first creations can become personalized presents. The set also comes with 20...