Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Feature-Packed Dimmable Office Lamp

This functional lamp is a great gift idea because it's packed with special features that make it extra handy. The LED light is dimmable so it's perfect for providing illumination for detailed work or ambient light for general use.  This LED desk lamp is not only dimmable with...

Jumbo Golf Umbrella Gift Idea for Mom

This is a professional grade oversized umbrella. A sturdy and large umbrella like this makes a thoughtful gift. Mom can get rid of her half-broken and wonky old umbrellas when she is gifted this awesome and highly-rated golf umbrella. This large vented golf umbrella comes in three...

Pink Camo Swiss Style Pocket Knife

This is a cute and functional little tool that mom will love to have at her disposal. Everyone can use a pocket knife, and this one could be just her style!

Amazon Echo is a Great Mom Gift!

Have you heard of Amazon Echo? This is an amazing and fun technology device that almost anyone can operate -- no technical knowledge is required! Echo can play music, share news, remember lists, and more!