Retro Magic 8-Ball Gift Idea for Mom

Colorful Bohemian Art Paint-by-Number Canvas Sets

This is a neat gift idea for crafty moms or someone who wants to get into painting, with a little bit of help. These paint-by-numbers paintings are perfect for beginners because the art style isn't overly detailed and the colorful finished piece isn't meant to look completely realistic, with wild animals covered in colorful embellishments. Painting by numbers is also a very relaxing activity and is an ideal gift idea during these troubling times.

Pick your favorite animal to gift or choose multiple for a fun family activity idea.

Each paint-by-numbers kit includes a quality, pre-numbered canvas, as well as the brushes and oil paints needed to complete the full work of art. 

Colorful Thoughtful Cow Paint-by-Numbers Art

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The finished colorful cow painting measures 50cm by 40cm and can be framed for display.

Rainbow Owl Paint-by-Numbers Art Canvas

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This darling painting features an owl in colorful patterns and shapes. The finished work measures 16" by 20".

Colorful Goat Oil Painting DIY Kit

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This paint-by-numbers painting is of a goat that includes whimsical elements of unexpected color. The finished piece measures 50cm by 40cm.

Whimsical Deer Paint-by-Numbers Artwork

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This whimsical art piece features a deer with antlers. Unexpected colors and patterns make up the artwork, which measures 16" by 20".

Positive Healing Thoughts Cozy Throw Blanket

Cute Holiday Decorative Paper Towel Holder

List: Funny Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine bottle stoppers are a functional gift for anyone who loves to drink wine. Add a novelty aspect and you've got a very fun and memorable gift idea. These funny novelty wine bottle stoppers are perfect gifts for moms who love to have wine!

Beanie Cap Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers

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This is a cute set for winter. The wine bottle stoppers look like little knit beanie hats, complete with pom poms on top. These come in a set of two. Pick red and grey as shown or blue and grey. 

Mixed Set of Novelty Silicone Bottle Stoppers

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This fun colorful set includes three different silicone bottle stopes in fun shapes. You'll get a red genie bottle stopper, a funny blue hand with a fat finger bottle stopper, and a yellow half-peeled banana upside-down bottle stopper.

Ultimate Gag Gift Wine Stopper: Rubber Chicken

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This hilarious wine bottle stopper is in the shape of the iconic novelty gag gift: a rubber chicken. This "Coq au Vin" stopper fits into your bottle head first, leaving the chicken legs sticking out of the top of the bottle. Guess what?

Set of Fancy Top Hat Wine Bottle Stoppers

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Keep your fancy wine fresh with a fancy top hat bottle stopper. This purchase gets you a set of two top hat cork replacements. These are available in a variety of color options, like green & black as shown, or combos that include blue or a black two-pack.

Subscription Boxes for Mom

Did you know that you can purchase and manage subscription boxes from Amazon? Subscription boxes often include samples and new products and are typically delivered once a month or once every two months. These themed boxes make great gifts as they are a blind surprise each time and unboxing is exciting as you never know what you'll get. They give users a chance to try out new products at a value price. These are some fun gift boxes that would make great gifts for mom.

1 TheraBox Self-Care Subscription Box

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This is a monthly box full of self-care products including items like organic soaps, skin creams, mindfulness activities, and aromatherapy items to help reduce stress. Self-care is always important but it has stood out as being necessary in times of stress, which is pretty much 2020 for everyone. This box offers 6-8 full size products in each monthly delivery.

2 Coloring and Classics Subscription Box with Coffee

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This is a fun subscription box for anyone who loves coloring. Coloring books with intricate designs are a fun and relaxing hobby. This box includes books to read and a choice of coffee, too! Choose your literary style (fiction genres and non-fiction are available) and your coffee option and open up a box of relaxation each month. 

3 Adults and Crafts DIY Crafting Subscription

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Find new interesting crafts to create with this monthly subscription box. Each Adults and Crafts kit comes with the tools and supplies needed to complete a craft or art project. Discover new projects and techniques you might not have ever tried if it wasn't for this fun surprise subscription box. This is a great gift idea for crafters!

4 Wickbox Luxury Candle Subscription Box

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This is a great subscription box gift idea for anyone who loves candles. Each month your recipient will receive a large luxury candle in a beautiful reusable vase or storage container once the candle has burned. Shown here is the large candle Wickbox option; a medium version is also available.

5 Newborn & Expectant Mother Subscription Box

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This is like opening up baby shower gifts each time you receive this subscription box from Sweet Pea Chic. Choose the box on the basis of your baby's sex or opt for the unisex box. Each monthly box will include information for having a healthy pregnancy along with gifts like apparel and baby accessories as you get ready for the birth. The boxes include 7 to 10 items each month.

Fun Llama Shaped Chrome Ring Jewelry Holder

Awesome Nostalgia Gift for Mom: Breyer Horse Craft Set

Retro Sewing Machine Hobby Room Clock

Bread Machine Accessories | Gifts for Bread Machine Bakers

The popularity of cooking and baking exploded during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Stay-at-home orders meant more leisure time for some, resulting in an increased interest in certain home-based hobbies, like small craft brewing, (mask) sewing, and bread baking. If you know someone who learned to rock her bread machine, here are some accessory gifts meant to complement bread machine creations and help out their bakers.

1 Expandable Vented Bread Keeper

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Keep that homemade bread fresh longer with this interesting expandable bread box. The clear storage container has a boxy shape to accomodate bread machine creations. It can expand to 11 inches long and collapses down to less than half that for convenient storage. The unit has an adjustable air vent and comes with a small cutting board. The storage box is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

2 Bread Machine Cover

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Is your bread machine spending more time out on the counter than its usual spot inside the cabinet? Keep it dust-free with a bread machine cover like this one from Covermates. This is a quilted polyester cover, shown here in red but available in a variety of different colors to match your kitchen decor. Find your perfect size out of the four different configurations available. 

3 Nonstick French Baguette Baking Pan

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Use your bread machine to make the perfect French loaf dough and then bake in the oven using this awesome perforated baking form that can hold up to four long French bread loaves. The pan is made of non-stick perforated steel which will allow moisture to escape, giving you crispy loaves each time. The baguette pan is dishwasher safe.

4 Electric Slicer for Bread, Cheese, Meats

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Get professionally-cut bread with this electric slicer that can handle bread along with meats, cheeses, and lots more. The slicer uses a stainless steel serrated blade for perfect cuts every time. Adjust your cut thickness to make bread slices for sandwiches, French toast, or snacking.